U.S. Map of NFL Fandom

Tyler Raborn —  Tuesday, February 12, 2013 — 13 Comments

Check out this interesting map provided by Facebook’s Sean Taylor and shared by FlowingData:

NFL Fans on Facebook

As Sean Taylor explains:

The National Football League is one of the most popular sports in America with some incredibly devoted fans. At Facebook we have about 35 million account holders in the United States who have Liked a page for one of the 32 teams in the league, representing one of the most comprehensive samples of sports fanship ever collected. Put another way, more than 1 in 10 Americans have declared their support for an NFL team on Facebook.

So Facebook mapped out these likes by county, as Taylor explained here:

While winning seems to matter, NFL teams have local followings that are probably heavily influenced by family ties and/or where a person grew up,  so we were obviously curious to see where the fans for various teams live now. By considering the physical locations of NFL fans, we can construct a map of the top team for each county in the US. It tells an interesting story about the ways that football rivalries and allegiances alternately divide and unite the country, and sometimes even individual states.

But the most burning questions I have are:

What are all of those Steelers and Cowboys fans doing in the northwest? 

Why does Alaska love Green Bay?


What’s more difficult: “Where’s Waldo?” or “Where are the Jets?”

Tyler Raborn


New Orleans Resident, Tulane Law Student, and Mississippi State Alum

13 responses to U.S. Map of NFL Fandom


    Reblogged this on Love Views.


    It’s funny because the map is pretty spot on, at least when it comes to Hawaii, which is where I am living now.

    Although I guess I could be the one exception being a Broncos fan from Los Angeles. Yeehaw!


    I find this very interesting…and begs the question Who is America’s Team REALLY??


    This is a great map. It appears the Jets don’t really exist. Go Big Blue


    Jets fans are actually an underground society like the Stonecutters from The Simpsons.


    I can understand how a state like Florida with three NFL teams and residents transplanted from across the country would have a diverse collection of teams.

    But what I find interesting is how a state like Nebraska, with no NFL teams and a fairly stable population base has eight different teams represented – the most of any state other than Florida.


    I guess it’s not just the Steelers offense that’s invasive… Great map.


    The speck of green in NYC must be my husband and brother. The last two Jets fans left after this season. I like repeating the words Butt Fumble to them over and over again.


    If Jets have so few fans, why all the coverage? Giants win Super Bowl XLVI and Jets trade for Tim Tebow. Out here in the hinterland (Indiana), Jets signing Tebow gets bigger play. Rex Ryan opens mouth,it’s news. Tom Coughlin opens mouth, it’s …
    Maybe media should ignore Jets for a season.


    Wow the Jets apparently have no fandom, add a little green spot to central jersey to represent me lol


    Never would have believed the extent of the Saints’ realm!


    Wow! This is really cool and interesting to see! Makes sense why I still see Bears stuff close to St. Louis. Thanks for sharing this! 🙂


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