Richard Sherman and Skip Bayless: The Cure for Too Much Intelligence

Philip Matthews —  Sunday, March 10, 2013 — 5 Comments

I know you’ve had those days when you’re head is aching beyond belief and nothing else seems to matter. We all know the reason for this… It’s because you’re too smart. That’s exactly right. If doctors tell you it’s because of other reasons, they’re lying. So go ahead, tell you’re friends your pain is due to the massive amounts of brain activity going on up there, which your skull simply can’t contain. However, if today is one of those days, I know you’re not looking for a pat on the back, you need a solution. I have it. A quick and easy remedy in less than 5 minutes. Guaranteed or your money back. Watch this quick clip of Richard Sherman on ESPN’s First Take, your IQ will take an immediate decline, and the headache will be no more. I can’t believe no one thought of this sooner.

Philip Matthews

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5 responses to Richard Sherman and Skip Bayless: The Cure for Too Much Intelligence


    Gosh, and all this time I thought my headache pain was from the shingles. Thanks for clarification.


    I could not agree with you more I wrote an article about this a couple days ago. Doesn’t Sherman just annoy you, and then you have all the Skip haters out there saying hey he made a good point. I guess working in the sports industry for more then 20 years means that Skip knows nothing.


    Skip Bayless does lose credibility. If not for his comments on Sherman certainly for his semi-creepy bro-mance with Tebow. Mostly though I was with Simmons on this one.

    Anyone remember when ESPN talked about, you know, the SPORTS and not the drama involved with them? Last time I watched Sportscenter they spent 12 minutes of a hour long show (actually 43 minutes, so 12 minutes of air time is slightly less than 30%) talking about whether Tiger Woods dating Lindsey Vonn was for real or a PR romance.

    Really? REEAALLLY!?!


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