Way Too Early 2013 Fantasy Football Top 50

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We are less than nine months away from your 2013 NFL fantasy draft.  So what better time than now to put together a list of the top 50 fantasy players for 2013.  Obviously a lot will change in the coming months- but here we go:

  1. Adrian Peterson: A once in a generation player whose best comparison may be Jim Brown.
  2. Arian Foster: The best zone runner in the league, Foster gets it done week after week.
  3. Doug Martin: Martin is an every down back that spent nearly the entire 2012 season without two pro bowl guards in Davin Joseph and Carl Nicks. Their return will mean big things for Martin in 2013.
  4. Ray Rice: Rice and Martin are very similar players and the Ravens are a better team when they lean on Rice instead of Flacco.  If only they could find an offensive coordinator who understands this.
  5. Calvin Johnson: The best wide receiver in the league, Johnson’s touchdowns were down in 2012, but he surpassed Jerry Rice’s record for receiving yards in a season.  Additionally, he is the primary target on a team that just set the record for passing attempts in a season.
  6. Marshawn Lynch: Beast mode runs hard, seeks contact and represents what the Seahawks are as a team.
  7. Drew Brees: Brees led all fantasy players in points in 2012. Having to keep up with teams, thanks to a porous defense, played a large part in this, but I don’t anticipate the defense getting exponentially better and having an offensive guru like Sean Payton back can only help.
  8. Tom Brady: Brady may be the most consistent fantasy player in the league.
  9. Aaron Rodgers: If Brady is the most consistent then Rodgers is likely second.  Like Brady, he has a plethora of options to throw to in a pass-first offense.
  10. Alfred Morris: He’s not the most talented running back, but Morris runs hard, and being a good zone back in the Shanahan offense has historically translated into a lot of rushing yards.
  11. Brandon Marshall: Cutler + Marshall = Lots of Fantasy Points
  12. AJ Green: Green is an elite talent in an improving receiving corps. He is on the same level as Calvin Johnson with a less capable QB.
  13. Trent Richardson: Apparently Richardson played most of the season with broken ribs. Are you kidding me? Richardson is an absolute stud.
  14. Rob Gronkowski: Gronk scores TDs and spikes footballs. Gronk cannot be covered in the redzone.
  15. Peyton Manning: Peyton has proved that the neck surgeries were only a minor hiccup in a stellar career.  Manning has recreated the high scoring offense of his Colts days with the Broncos and reminded us that he is one of the best of all time.
  16. CJ Spiller: Spiller may be the most under-utilized back in the league. Injuries to Fred Jackson allowed Spiller to really shine in 2012, and one would think that a new coach would see what we all saw in 2012 and allow him to take over the primary running back responsibilities in 2013.
  17. Jimmy Graham: Graham may be the most consistent tight end and he provides a very solid redzone option for Brees.
  18. Jamaal Charles: Charles is a home run threat each time he touches the ball.  He’s not as consistent as some players but is a threat to blow up every week.
  19. Dez Bryant: Dez really came into his own in 2012 and will be a force going forward.
  20. Cam Newton: Cam looked like a disappointment early but came on very strong late in the season.
  21. Demaryius Thomas: Peyton’s new Marvin Harrison, Thomas is an elite talent with an elite QB.
  22. Julio Jones: Lots of people questioned Thomas Dimitroff for trading up to grab Julio. The more we see of Jones, the more it looks like the right move.
  23. Percy Harvin: Harvin is not always healthy but is an explosive WR when he is on the field.  If only Ponder could get him the ball down field…
  24. Roddy White: I covet consistency in my fantasy players and Roddy exemplifies consistency in a wide receiver.
  25. Maurice Jones-Drew: Due to a combination of his holdout and injuries, MJD had a disappointing 2012, but we all know the talent that he possesses.
  26. Lesean McCoy: McCoy is a well rounded running back in the mold of Brian Westbrook.  A big determinant of his 2013 success will be who ends up being the new Eagles coach.
  27. Matt Forte: Forte is similar to McCoy in that he is a talented runner and receiver.  Much like McCoy, a new coach could significantly impact Forte’s 2013 fantasy value for better or worse.
  28. Frank Gore: Gore proved that he had more in the tank than many believed and remains the primary option on a running team with a solid, young offensive line.
  29. DeMarco Murray: Murray has injury issues but the talent is there.
  30. Steven Ridley: Ridley was surprisingly productive for a New England running back in 2012, but starting a Belichick running back is often a crapshoot.
  31. Andre Johnson: Johnson finished 2nd in the league in receiving yards and came up just 2 yards shy of 1,600.  He played in all 16 games this year but injuries are always a concern.
  32. Vincent Jackson: Jackson is in an offense that likes to chunk it down the field with a quarter back who can get it to him.  He ranked 1st in the league in yards/reception with 19.2.
  33. BenJarvus Green-Ellis: The Law Firm came on very strong at the end of the season, running for over 100 yards in 4 of his last 6 games.
  34. Michael Crabtree: Crabtree finally got the chance to show what he could do when the 49ers put in a quarterback that could get him the ball.
  35. Eric Decker: Decker scored 5 touchdowns in his last three games and led all Broncos receivers in touchdowns.
  36. Chris Johnson: CJ1k has game breaking speed but puts up duds far too often.
  37. Reggie Bush: Bush only had two 100-yard rushing games in 2012 but he is always a threat to catch the ball coming out of the backfield.
  38. Victor Cruz: Cruz doesn’t do any one thing especially well, but he is a good all around receiver.
  39. Knowshon Moreno: Moreno finished the season strong after McGahee went down.  If he can keep the starting running back job going into next season, he will be a solid option going forward.
  40. Darren McFadden: McFadden cannot stay healthy but he is a special player when he is on the field.
  41. Vick Ballard: Ballard proved to be a serviceable, if unspectacular, back for the Colts.
  42. Robert Griffin III: I likely have RG3 lower than most, but I prefer consistency over upside in the early rounds.
  43. Steven Jackson: I don’t know for certain if Jackson will remain with the Rams but if he does, he will continue to rack yards like he always does.
  44. Ahmad Bradshaw: Bradshaw may have lost some carries to David Wilson and Andre Brown in 2012, but he is still productive when he gets the majority of the work.
  45. Tony Romo: Romo may be the most scrutinized player in the NFL, but he is a solid fantasy football option year in and year out.
  46. Randall Cobb: Cobb solidified his role in the Green Bay offense in 2012 and thanks to his versatility will be a significant contributor going forward.
  47. Marques Colston: Colston has been plagued by injuries throughout his career but is an excellent wide receiver when healthy.
  48. Matt Ryan: Ryan had his ups and downs in 2012 but finished as a top 10 quarterback.
  49. Matthew Stafford: Stafford broke the record for attempts in a season, and it appears as though Schwartz will be around for 2013.  Lots of attempts = lots of opportunity for points.
  50. Shonn Greene: I do not like Greene’s talent, but he performed fairly well this year and is currently the best option on the roster.


By: Bryce Daves

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